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STevia 80%

2014-09-07 14:46
STevia 80%

STevia 80%


STevia 80%
  (Total Content≥80% , ST≥45% ,RA≥15%)
It is the most widely used stevia product,and manufactured according to the super standard of Chinese national food standard GB 2760-2011 .It is white or light yellow powder or granule with
Lasting and cood sweetness .It hans high sweetness and low calorie . Its sweethess is 200 times higher than that of cane sugar ,but its calorie is just 1/300 of it . It can prevent people from
hypertension ,diabetes ,obesity ,heart disease and dental  caries etc ,and it is a perfect substitute sweetener  for cane sugar .




Extemal packaging :Carton or drnm 
Inner packaging:Food grade Double-layer polyethylene plastic bag
Size: 1.carton:57cm*40cm*39cm

Volume:1.carton : 0.089cubic meters/carton
2drum:0.075 cubic meters/drum
Gross weight :23kg/carton or dtum,28kg/ carton or dtum
Net weight: 20kg/ carton or dtum,25kg/ carton or dtum
Notet:We can pack the product according to cliens requirement

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