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Reb-A 99%

2014-09-07 15:04
Reb-A 99%

Reb-A 99%


Reb –A99%
(Total Content≥99% ,RA≥99%)
The quality of Reb-99%is further improved on the basis of Reb-A97% and it has the best Taste .The product embodies the advanced technology of our company.
The worst component of total steviol glycosides is Rebaudioside C and the content of the RC
In common stevia is 5%-8% ,that is why stevia has bitter taste .In Reb –A98% ,it makes the
Content of RC drop to below 0.05% . The taste of Reb-A99% is almost as the same as the cane sugar ,and it can be widely used in high grade food .Its sweetness is 500 tines higher than that of cane suger .



Extemal packaging :Carton or drnm 
Inner packaging:Food grade Double-layer polyethylene plastic bag

1.carton : 0.089cubic meters/carton
2.drum:0.075 cubic meters/drum
Gross weight :23kg/carton or dtum,28kg/ carton or dtum
Net weight: 20kg/ carton or dtum,25kg/ carton or dtum
Notet:We can pack the product according to cliens requirement

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