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Reb-A 60%

2014-09-07 14:55
Reb-A 60%

Reb-A 60%


Reb- 60% 
(Total  Content≥90%,RA≥60%), 
It is white or light yellow powder or granule .  Reb-A is the best component in stevia extracts . It is manufactured with  specially planted stevia materials .It has the properties of fresh and lasting taste no bittet aftertaste .It can improve the food taste and product quality gtade .Its sueetness is 320 times higher than that of cane sugar .




Extemal packaging :Carton or drnm 
Inner packaging:Food grade Double-layer polyethylene plastic bag

1.carton : 0.089cubic meters/carton
2.drum:0.075 cubic meters/drum
Gross weight :23kg/carton or dtum,28kg/ carton or dtum
Net weight: 20kg/ carton or dtum,25kg/ carton or dtum
Notet:We can pack the product according to cliens requirement



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