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Traveling To Southern Yangtze In Blooming May——A three-days

Source:香洲甜菊 Author:曲阜香洲 Date:2015-03-10 12:23 Views:

 The ancients said:” There is paradise in heaven, and there are Suzhou and Hangzhou on earth."
 At 5:30 am of May 13, 2013, under the Director Wei’s guidance ,  a total of 42 staff in QuFu ShengXiangYuan Biological Technology co., LTD. began their unforgettable three-days travelling to Suzhou and Hangzhou by taking a Hangzhou-direction bus.

  In the afternoon we arrived in the first spot -- Hangzhou Xixi Wetland. Under the guidance of the guide, we enjoyed the wetland scenery which has been known as the "lung" of Hangzhou.

  In the morning of May 14, we arrived in Hangzhou West Lake by bus. When we took an archaistic boat to visit the West Lake panorama and listen to the soft dialect of the natives, our thoughts as if would had been also brought back to one thousand years ago: on the Broken-bridge, the White Snake and Xuxian were kissing goodbye; on the Longbridge, Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai could not bear to part... Then ,we went on a trip to Nanxun town.

  On the morning of May 15, we visited the Hanshan Temple and Ding Garden in Suzhou. Listening the bells from Hanshan Temple , we finished Suzhou and Hangzhou tour and began to journey home with perfect memories and laughter.

  Through the tour,  not only does it ease the pressure and tension of employees in daily work , but also strengthens the staff cohesive force, edifies sentiment,  improves the staff training and makes everyone work with more passion in future. All staff believe that, under the joint efforts of us, the Shandong ShengXiangYuan Group will become larger , stronger and more brilliant!

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