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xiangzou's prospering performance in FIC -Our direct sales t

Source:甜菊糖 Author:曲阜香洲 Date:2015-03-10 12:18 Views:

China International Exhibition on Food Additives and Ingredients (also known as FIC—Food Ingredients China) was held from March 26 to March 28 in 2013. FIC is the largest, most authoritative and influential exhibition for international brands in China even in Asia. It is the most important business platform for business negotiations between food additives manufacturers and ingredients end users from both home and abroad. It has formed powerful cohesiveness and influence in the industry.

 FIC is an essential platform to demonstrate company image and brand. We have continuously exhibited for many times. Under the leadership and guidance of our president, Mr. Yao, we put more innovative thoughts and attempts into our booth design for this year including image design, space layout, light and tonal collocation, and products and samples display, which has obtained a good visual and ornamental effect. It deeply attracted people’s attention, and won us a good chance to demonstrate our company's products and image.

 In order to benefit more from this exhibition, we thoroughly prepared and deployed the crew led by our president Mr. Yao. The team includes our overseas sales manager Rose Qiao, our domestic sales managers and director Mr. Zhu, Mr. Feng and Mr. Kong and the whole sales department. Our agents, distributors, and important clients from all over the world visited our booth and they said they were very much impressed with the company's image from the booth design and product display. They even expressed their desire to strengthen the cooperation and relationship between us. Our booth attracted a large number of domestic and foreign customers including some well-known companies in food, beverage, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical business. The exhibition firmly set up the company as the role manufacturer of stevia, improved the company's reputation in the industry, and finally showed and promoted our company image and brand.

 Along with its deeper affects to the development of food industry, food additives has become an indispensable elements in the food industry—the motivation and source of technology innovation and healthy development of the industry. We believe that based on our success of this exhibition, our company will become more prosper with more promising future.

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