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        Qufu Xiangzhou Stevia Products Co.,Ltd lies in Qufu City,Shandong Province.It was established in Apri,1996,and was invested RMB 50 million by Shandong Shengwang Group.It occupies 18.000 square meters and more than 4.000 acres stevia plantations.
  Its yearly outpout is 500tons of various of stevia .It has become one of the largest stevia manufacturers and exporters in China.We take the practical spirit to promote the product quality and the enterprise image.We always carry out “peopleoriented,Scientific and technological innovation,highquality,Serve the community” as quality policy.We depend on advanced craft,up-to-date technology and test method(HPLC) to promote the product quality with steady steps.our main products are the various of stevioside,the quality has got up to the level of first class in the international.It can be used in food,medicine,beverage,tobacco and so on. Our Product has a good sales in Japan,korea,hongkong,taiwan,america,singapore,brazil and ect.At May,2009 Qufu Xiangzhou Stevia Products Co.,Ltd invested RMB 100million in Qufu Economic development zone.It occupies lands 100 acres,the residential buliding area 39560 square meters,It includings comprehensive workshop(processing workshops,material and product warehouses),substance,water pump room(including fire control) ,treatment of sewage( including basin),comprehensive office,eatery,single dormitory,its designing output is 2000tons yearly with various of stevia.
    The company always carries out the objective“quality first,service first”.In the new century,we are willing to try our best to
contribute for humanity’s health with old and new friends together.

Qufu xiangzhou Stevia Products Co., Ltd

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